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Team Jack (Conroy Family)

Team Jack (Conroy Family)

Hello from Team Jack!

I am continuing my personal support and to raise money for Shatterproof which is an amazing organization to fight the horrible disease of addiction. They helped me after losing Jack and I am continuing to help them, so we can help others prevent more family tragedies. I am participating in their annual 5K run which will be at Pier 84 in New York next weekend, Oct 13th. Friends and family will be there, either walking or running with me, and I was hoping you could make a donation to support Team Jack. Please click on the link below to my fundraising page to learn more about the event and what I am doing and please come to the event if you would like to see first-hand all that is happening to stop addiction, shame and unnecessary suffering!!

I truly appreciate anything you can do to support me, so I can support
others. We will be under the Team Jack Tent, please come join us!

Kevin and family


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Go team Jack! Sorry we couldn’t be there. We are there in Spirit. Xx
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